November 23, 2010

5 of my faves!!!

Kind of obsessed (no, let's rephrase) extremely obsessed with shopping right now.  Stores always seem to have the best deals and cutest things when I need to be shopping for others and when my closet is already busting at the seems.  Have I mentioned that we live in an apartment that honestly, truly, did not have one closet in it when we moved in....I must show you how Ryan and I are creatively cohabiting with an ikea wardrobe and a couple of due time my friends!! I will be doing a sneak peek of our apartment before December 1st so be on the look out!!!! Not only am I finding fun things on Etsy for Christmas but I have a wish list that keeps growing.  When I say wish list I mean that exactly, a wish. I must stop!!!! At least I have you to share them with right??

  5. This sweet little sassy number from Urban....I think I would love to wear this while watching the ball drop this year.

4. This bag of snowflake ornaments I got here! Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.....

3. "Grandpa" inspired sweaters and tights, yep it was 60 degrees yesterday in NYC.

 2. This fancy vintage watch necklace.....ew la la!!!!

1. It's big and cozy and it has snowflakes =) what else could you need??

 Today I plan on mapping out our Christmas cards and getting my moms sweet potato recipe all ready for Thursday...YUMMO!!! I just came up with an idea of sharing one of mine on here....think cheese, cream cheese, pineapple tidbits and fond memories of pushing it to the side at Grandmas until you realized at the age of 20 how amazing it was =) What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish???

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