November 16, 2010

5 of my faves!!!

 I cannot believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner!!! This will be Ryan and my first Thanksgiving without family =( We still are a little up in the air of what we are doing since work is a little crazy busy for him right now.  I'm sure whatever we do it will involve eating and sleeping a LOT =) and that makes me happy.  I do know we plan on going to the Thanksgiving Macy's parade...that will make me extra happy!!  I figured I would share 5 of my favorite Thanksgiving "finds" to get us all in the festive mood.....

5. These sweet mini pumpkins would add a little holiday cheer splashed around your home!

4. Or you could hang this Thankful banner.

3. This little beauty of a pumpkin DIY tutorial...the only thing is, I must have the pretty fabric too!!!!

2. How perfect!! It's vintage and it has the recipe in it!! My kind of baking =)

1. My new amber vintage tumblers I found at collection is growing!!! I am so going to enjoy some eggnog or apple cider out of these tall ladies. And what a perfect color for fall =)

Can't wait to hear and see what you all have planned for the holiday!! I know my instax is going to get some use, that's for SURE!!!!!


  1. Is Junk a shop in your neighborhood? Sounds fun! There's a spot in Seattle near my place called Deluxe Junk...if you and Ryan ever get all the way over to Seattle, we'll have to go trolling for vintage finds. Maybe we could get Cara up here too!

  2. That sounds ahhhmazing Britt!!! Most of the stuff at Junk here is exactly that, but sometimes you can luck out =)

  3. So a friend of mine told me to check out your blog, she said I would love it! You are so freaking cute and funny. I am constantly coming to your blog to find ideas, seriously you rock...and I never exaggerate ;)

    I actually gave you an AWARD so if you get a chance head on over to Spunky Junky to get it.

    You rock girl! Keep up the good work!



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