November 29, 2010

Festive & Frugal....Part 1

I was having a rather splendid evening on Saturday night, sitting online at Crate and Barrel as I kept adding to my shopping cart of fun, festive Christmas decor.  My husbands voice in the back of my head telling me I simply do NOT need to spend $30 on some ornaments and he doesn't care how cute they are....ugh.  I then turn to Ryan and start the conversation that just went through in my very head.  Leaving me at the end of the debate with an empty cart and a yearning heart for something pretty and Christmas-ee in my home.  I know you are all thinking "geez, how broke are the Rossman's over in NYC that the dude won't let his poor wife buy something festive?!?!" Well, we simply are trying to live, well simply and not buy too much crap we don't need especially during Christmas. Not to mention that Christmas trees alone are 25 bucks a foot over here... just about!! So, what did I decide to do you ask??? Make my own Christmas decor!!!!....get ready to get creative ladies!!!!

 My first piece of advice would be to make due with what you already have in your home...I used a serving platter and put cheap Christmas balls in it surrounding a candle.  Then tied a ribbon and voila!!! A Christmas centerpiece for our dining nook =)

Instead of buying things to add extra clutter to your walls use the frames you have and make something jolly to replace your family portrait for the month of December. I made this with some fabric and some stencils oh and a paper snowflake =)

I guess you can say my Christmas theme this year is snowflakes =) I feel like Buddy the Elf and I love it!!! I used to have a letterpress lovely hanging but slid it under my bed so these snowflakes could get some hang time...

Use some yarn or bakers twine and make your own clothesline for your holiday Christmas cards...a fun and inexpensive idea.....

I've got a few more things hiding up my sleeve, but for now Ryan and I are off to get our tree...our place is coming together!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh you are so creative and industrious! I had a card making party last night, so fun and totally got me in the spirit and tipsy at the same time!

    Be well,

  2. Love it! I'm totally with you on you saw. I need to buy one piece of white felt, and then, combined with some scraps from the stockings, I'll have my Christmas pendant complete!

  3. Good for you! So many holiday decorations have that homemade look to them now - I think DIY is just that much better. I love holiday crafts!

  4. I love the idea of hanging your Christmas cards on a line! I have been trying to figure out what to do with mine!


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