November 18, 2010

Letterpress Lovelies...Christmas cards =)

I am super duper proud of myself....yesterday I bought our Christmas cards! I'm moving a lot quicker than I did last year which says a LOT since last year I bought them a week and a half before Christmas and spent too much on overnight shipping so they would get to people before Christmas.  I did love our cards last year.....

Our first year in NYC I figured us in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree was very fitting...

This year I am keeping it pretty simple, but I am planning on using my instax so each card will be different and unique =) I have been hunting around for weeks and almost splurged on a few sets of cards that I will share with you if you are like me this year and want to get a jump on things..go ahead, jump on these!!!



for all you owl lovers like me

will someone please buy these...and send me one =)

this was my #1 choice...I still might buy a pack cause I love it so..

I have some fun holiday posts planned....I'm thinking fun decor, wrapping and inexpensive gift fun fun....I love Christmas =)


  1. Ahh those are all so cute! Me and my boyfriend still have to figure out if we're doing cards again this year. We should probably get on that!

  2. Great selection of cards. I love Christmas too! Especially wrapping gifts (I care more about the wrapping than the gift). Gonna have a card making party after Thanksgiving. What's your mailing address? I have something I want to send you!

  3. I LOVE your blog!!! I also absolutely adore the "You Light Up My Life" print... Are these your creations?!?!


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