November 30, 2010

Our Brooklyn apartment sneak peek.....

Well I am definitely down to the wire with my November goal of showing you guys our apartment.  My all time favorite thing to do online is scope out cute apartments on Ohdeedoh and Design Sponge, so I hope you enjoy!!! Like many apartments in New York, ours is a railroad style...meaning you have to go through one room to enter into the next. In our case, the old tenants of our apartment decided to knock down one of the walls so it ends up feeling more like a one bedroom with a "large" living space.....

I figured I would start the tour in my favorite space and the one I am most proud of thus far....these stripes were almost the death of me, but I loooove them. Our room isn't quite what I envisioned yet but it is well on it way.  I'm hoping to get my grandmas old quilt when I am home for Christmas =)
Image above: the only storage space in our place =(

Since our living space is long and narrow we chose to add a little more separation using a bookshelf.  I'm hoping to find a fun chair and ottoman that I can't live without, but until then....

 It was hard to get a good picture of this...but I snagged the idea from my all time top home tours "I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love" using plywood is a very inexpensive canvas =)

her workspace

his workspace
My husband is a kid at heart....he loves his toys.  My favorite is this original Hulk drawing my dad got for him last Christmas that hangs above his desk.

I finally have my very own vintage plate wall!!!

Thought I would end the tour with our tiny little bathroom.....newly painted turquoise =)

It is a mystery as to why we don't have a towel rod...or where it went???? Check out my guest post here for my wall art in the bathroom.

So there you have home, a work in progress but a place where I am constantly learning, growing and becoming inspired. Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. have done such an amazing job with your place! I love, love, love it!

  2. Such a cute little place you've got! I dream of living in NYC, and I would live in your place in a heartbeat!

  3. Love your place! So cute! I definitely have some more ideas for our place now! I especially love the plate art, bathroom art and teacup holder!

  4. Your place is super cute - i love love love those stripes in your bedroom!


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