April 22, 2011

Decor improved

A few weeks ago I took the long trek out to Ikea (it's a 20 min. train ride, then bus) because I was sick of the mod podge of unattractiveness above our tv.  Of course Ryan had to point out that we will be moving and it's more holes in the wall he will have to repair, but no stopping this chick when I get inspired!  I wanted to get a ledge to rest some pictures I'd taken of New York, our Portland photo and this print I'm expecting any day shown below...

I stocked up on frames and put the hubby to work =)

Such a nice husband for helping..xoxo

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! What do you think?


  1. super cute Britt!! good work

  2. This looks awesome! I can't wait until you're closer so I can use you as my personal shopper at Ikea.


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