April 4, 2011

Movie Madness Monday!

 There is one movie that I think I have watched the most out of all my chick flicks.  No, surprisingly it isn't Love Actually (sorry sis).  It would have to be Catch and Release.
Even though this movie is centered around Gray (Jennifer Garner) mourning her dead fiance it's also about finding love when you least expect it.  It is really an easy watch movie and it was when I first fell in love with Joshua Radin's voice =) So that holds extra meaning for me.  The movie also stars Juliette Lewis who is so weird and funny in all her movies.  Here is a preview....ohhh and plus it has Joel from Parenthood.

It really is a great rainy day movie.  Enjoy!!!


  1. i tried to watch this once but didn't make it through the whole thing. i guess i better try again, you made it sound really sweet! :)

  2. I'm a sucker for any chick flick...even the bad ones. But I find this one to be a good one =)


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