April 21, 2011

Oh Baby!!!

There are so many cute nursery ideas out there. I don't know how expecting parents come to settle on choosing certain pieces to put on the walls or the color of fabric to use.  I simply love all of it =) From bold colors to soft and neutral.  Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently.

Completely my style =)


Loving these fabrics...could be because its the Sunny Day Palette!

This personalized Big Deal print =)

Baby stuff is so much fun!! I hope you all are having a great and sun filled day. Xoxo.


  1. these are the most adorable little ideas. designing a nursery will be so fun! i love your blog. i am a new follower x

  2. Love the I like to rock print!

  3. Such great ideas that bloom into greater plans, love it! The Shhh picture is my favorite :) xoxo


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