April 13, 2011

Spring cleaning...Step one, closet!

 So I am by no means a clean freak or OCD about organization (I wish I was).  I am the type that lets things get to a certain "this is unbearable and I can't take it any longer" point.  Where I then slave for a few hours to make it sanitary and livable again.  This normally happens when I can't find something I desperately need to wear that second. Don't get me wrong though, I'm no slob.  My mom instilled in me the importance of going through my clothes at least once a year. You can't blame it completely on me though.  It is a royal pain living in an apartment that has 0 closets, no lie!! And I honestly can't remember the last time we had a dishwasher.  Oh the joys of extremely high rent and not one closet in our 600 sq ft apartment.
  I think I realized how unorganized I was when my sister came and couldn't figure out what clothes I chose to hang up.  I seriously have no rhyme or reason to where things go because when everything is clean I honestly don't have enough space for it.  So things tend to stay in an Ikea bag for a whole week until I have space to put them away and then the dirty laundry takes its place (a vicious cycle).   I so wish I could hire Olivia over at For Me.  Her organization skills are pretty inspiring to say the least.  So the time was due to go through my closet and get organized.


*The top picture is our tiny little wardrobe that houses dresses, nice shirts and whatever else I felt like throwing down there at the bottom (supposed to be heavy sweaters...I think).
 * Bottom pic is our shelving unit behind curtains that store just about everything that needs a home from purses to skirts to important documents...aka complete disaster!!!


I am excited to someday have a house where my skirts don't have to sit in this bookshelf and can hang in a beautiful walk in closet =) Maybe something that looks like one of these beauties....

Source: houzz.com via Jeanine on Pinterest

Source: houzz.com via Jeanine on Pinterest

a girl should always dream BIG =)


  1. ♥love your blog♥

  2. I love organizing my closet too..
    I want wall paper in my closet too! So pretty


  3. I always get a bug in the spring to go thru the whole house, but it takes me forever because then i find this or that and stop to look at pictures or whatever. I take all my clothes I no longer want to the resale shop and or GW. I haven't done any of that yet as I can't tell if it's spring or not yet!

  4. I need to do this too...I moved a month ago and my closet has been a disaster since then. This is very inspiring, though, so maybe I'll get on it...

    I'm just like you. WISH I was a clean freak but instead I let things get unbearable and then go on a cleaning rampage.

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