April 12, 2011

I have a Button =)

I'm definitely not the most techy chick on the block.  So like many women out there, I rely on my husband.  He has 4 computers at his expense, so in my mind this makes him nerdy enough to make me a button.  Well to my surprise I guess he isn't that nerdy and has been struggling with it all morning.  Ryan can shoot, edit, take amazing pics, play video games till 5am in the morning and chat about zombies till he is pale in the face (all kinda nerdy right?) but this little button has given him some grief.  To all my blogging buddies who are nerdy enough to make a button, I suggest you do a post to help this sister and her husband out =)
After a few hours there was success!!! So go ahead, grab my button and slap it on your blog!! I dare ya =) Oh and I love and adore my nerdy husband.  Thanks Love!!!

Little Ditties Blog

Let me know if this works as well...I'm crossing my fingers....

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