April 14, 2011

An edit. Crochet. And a cupcake.

I finally was able to upload the second part of Nora's Birthday gift. My sister had home video footage of Nora's time in the hospital and them bringing her home. So I snagged it and put together this little video that they played at her first Birthday =) The first part is something I wanted to keep private for my sister. You can read Nora's birth story here. She is without a doubt our little miracle and I am beyond blessed to be her Auntie.

 I'm still plugging away on my chevron inspired afghan.  It's getting to the point where it now keeps me warm as I work on it =)

And I'm working on a new cupcake and trying something totally new.  Big background, tiny cupcake.  I found an old side table top on the street last year and am finally getting around to painting something on it.  I love finding cheap canvas!

Any little projects you all are working on??  Last day to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!

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