April 15, 2011

Easter Love!

 I'm sad to be missing Easter yet again with our family's.  There is always a big Easter egg hunt with the young cousins and grand kids. Both my mom and mother in law own Easter bunny costumes to get in the spirit. Or rather for Ryan or his brother to put the bunny suit on so they can sit back and enjoy the show.

 So for us in Brooklyn we are going to be throwing a small Easter gathering with our closest friends.  I have been hunting around looking for some inspiration.  Thought I would share some lovely Etsy finds and a very fun Tutorial I stumbled upon and am planning on trying =)


Perfect for the little dude to wear for Easter service or a nice little egg hunt =)


Easter Garland out of paint swatches =)

                                                                   Source: etsy.com via Brittany on Pinterest

Easter surprise egg tutorial over at Not Martha. A must try don't you think?? What are your plans for Easter??


  1. i love that easter egg garland made out of paint swatches.
    so cute.
    and i love your blog. just came across it.
    new follower:)


  2. yayayay can't wait for Easter!

    I love those ties! We should get them for the boys (tiny one for joey?)

  3. yes!! We should have an Easter craft night, after Zumba of course =)

  4. easter egg hunts wer my fav growing up! minus the easter bunner. he scared the crap out of me. and easter candy is heaven on earth. seriously, couldn't be better! excited to follow you :)

    XO makall


  5. I totally did the egg surprise thing!! I made them all for my neighbors... I will say this.
    The jellybeans inside the eggs got all "wet" and stuck together.. It looked like I licked them all before putting them in.. kinda creepy...
    ...but cute none-the-less!

  6. Elizabeth...so good to know, I'll color mine before breaking the egg maybe that will help =)


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