April 7, 2011

Post 100!!!

 I can't believe I've done 100 blog posts.  It's one of the many things I've started and had the best intentions to keep going, but to my surprise this is one thing that has stuck =) Now if only the raw food endeavor will be the same...think happy thoughts Brittany, happy thoughts.
 I want to thank my 39 followers who in time of need have encouraged me when you probably didn't even know I needed it.  I find all you ladies to be a huge inspiration to me and you are the reasons I blog when I feel like I want to quit.  I look at your tiny heads to the right of my screen and continue to push myself to keep going.  Which in turn helps me find inspiration of my own. So thank you!!!
  Since this 100th post snuck up on me I didn't have the time to prepare like I wanted to.  But hold onto your seats ladies!!! Tomorrow in honor of my 100th post I am going to be doing my FIRST giveaway!!! A few little hints: it's sweet, you can hang it on your wall, and it's made by me =) So please swing by tomorrow and enter to win!!! It would mean the world to me.
                                                                                Source: savethedate4cupcakes.com via Ali on Pinterest



  1. Hey, congrats!
    Its addicting isn't it!


  2. Congrats, doing a great job of it!! Love you, your writing, your inspiration!!
    Momma Rossman

  3. Congratulations Brittany! I always look forward to reading your posts :)

  4. Congrats Brittany! You, too, have been an inspiration to me & my love for blogging. So, thank you! Keep it up! x


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