April 1, 2011

Raw Food Update

I'm still trying to eat as much raw as possible. I've stuck to a salad a day and juicing every morning. Things got a little tricky around Ryan's Birthday. I made this pretty cool Mario cupcake cake for him....

 you can only imagine how hard it was trying to think of veggies while baking 147 mini cupcakes.....but back to the healthy stuff!! Thought I would share my favorite juice I have concocted.

Kale, carrot, pear and apple....all juiced!!

Looks a little nasty but it's so yummy!!!

Cheers to a great and healthy weekend friends!!!

1 comment:

  1. "looks nasty, tastes yummy!" Is how I like my food. It's also how I like my man; "look so dirty, smell so clean."


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